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Who are we?

RjH solutions provide IT solutions for you as an individual and as a company. Our services range from technical support and computer maintenance to training and custom programming. Any problem, however trivial or complex, RjH solutions has the perfect solution.

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Training courses

Click here to learn about the computer courses we offer. They range from beginner computer literacy courses to advanced programming courses.



Hardware upgrades

Is your computer becoming outdated by newer software which only runs on new high- performance machines? Don't buy a new computer yet. Click here to find out more.



Technical Support

Getting frustrated with your computer just not working the way you want it to? Too slow? However trivial or complex the problem is, help is just a click away.




Do you or your company require a website? Do you find that the software you are using doesn't suit your needs? Let us program and create software, tailored to suit your needs.