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Technical Support

Modern computers are amazingly advanced pieces of machinery, yet so often we find them causing us more frustration than assistance. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, let RjH Solutions remove the frustration from your life by making your computer work the way you want it too!

Some of the many common frustrations we commonly remove:

  • TOO SLOW!!! - "My computer is just to slow!!" (In some cases this can be solved without purchasing new hardware)
  • Network problems - "Two computers, one printer..."
  • Printer problems - "My computer won't talk to my printer"
  • Software installation problems - "It just won't work"
  • Internet problems - "It keeps telling my there is a network error"
  • Periodic backups - "My laptop was stolen with all my work"
  • Email problems - "It won't send and receive properly"

~ Don't let your computer rule you; take control of it and make it work for you! ~

Hardware Upgrades

Everyday new computers come onto the market, leaving yesterday's new inventions far behind. However, most computers are upgradable (some laptops too), and components are relatively inexpensive. A simple hardware upgrade is often the easiest way to keep your computer up to date.

We can upgrade :

  • RAM - "Windows memory is too low"
  • Hard drive - "No space for my documents"
  • CPU - "Too slow"
  • Graphics card - "New games won't work"
  • Bluetooth - "Can you make my phone and PC talk to each other?"
  • CD/DVD - "I need to put things on a CD"