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Courses on offer:

Introductory Windows computer course

If you are new to the world of computing or just feel uncomfortable using your computer, let us guide you the basics of windows, email, instant messaging, and word processing. This course is aimed to take the mystery out of what computers do, and give the user a basic understanding of how the computer is thinking, and how it processes your inputs (using simple to understand analogies).
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Microsoft Office Basic

This course has been designed as a follow on to the Introductory Windows course. It focuses on Microsoft Word and Excel, and aims to point out the well known, and also not so well known features therein.
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Microsoft Office Advanced

Microsoft Word and Excel also contain many new features which so many people aren't even aware of. This course has been designed to enable the user to get the most out of their Microsoft Office package. This course is highly recommended for regular Office users who have recently upgraded to the new Office 2007. 
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Microsoft Windows Vista conversion

If you have either purchased a new computer with Windows Vista of have upgraded your existing one, you may find the new layout of Vista somewhat confusing. This course enables the user to easily operate their Windows Vista computer without hassle and confusion.
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